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Ricky Funez- Head Coach


Ricky Funez has been involved in boxing since he was a youth. He is head trainer at Ten Goose Boxing Gym and Hamzah's trainer. Ricky has worked with the likes of Diego Corrales, Michael Nunn, Jeremy Williams and many more. Based in the USA in Los Angeles, Hamzah will continue to train with Ricky for all upcoming fights at Ten Goose.

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Mani LB - Physiotherapist

Mani has worked with Hamzah during several gruelling training camps since 2018. Bringing knowledge and skills gained in professional sport including Rugby, Athletics and Netball - Mani has been able to assist holistically in Hamzah's recovery, load management, and injury prevention. Qualifying in 2009 with an MSc in Rehab Science, Mani has been fortunate to have travelled the World providing the highest of care to elite athletes.

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Paul O’Neill - Nutritionist

Paul O’Neill, sports nutritionist and owner/coach of Pro Nutrition Clinic. Since starting Pro Nutrition Clinic in 2013 he has specialised in optimising the health and performance for boxers. With a series of physiological tests looking at resting metabolism, working metabolism, Vo2 max, DNA and comprehensive body composition checks, he looks after Hamzah Sheeraz’s fight camp nutrition and weight management with fully personalised nutrition programmes. 

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Colin McMillan - Consultant

As a professional 'Sweet C' was a two-time British Featherweight Champion, winning a Lonsdale belt in record time, Commonwealth Featherweight Champion in 1991, and World Featherweight Boxing Champion in 1992. After becoming a promotions manager for Legends Restaurant & Nightclub in Barking, Colin has been bought on as a consultant for Hamzah Sheeraz’s Professional Fight Camps.

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Sulli TGB - Coach

Sultan has been coaching since 2009 and is the founder and Head Coach of Touch Gloves Boxing (TGB). In February 2020 Sultan was invited by Team Sheeraz to work with Hamzah. After only a couple of sessions, Sultan was invited back, and has since been embedded as a key member and coach at Team Sheeraz. 


Halle - Strength & Conditioning


Halle has a BS degree in kinesiology with emphasis in adapted education / exercise physiology / sports psychology. 
He has been Personal training for over 30 years and has  worked with professional Olympic and D1 college athletes.

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